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Road Traffic Act

Compulsory motor insurance in England, Scotland and Wales is regulated by the Road Traffic Act 1988 and deals with many aspects of Road Law including the insurance of motor vehicles. 


Whilst the Act is divided into seven parts, it is Section 143 of part VI which concerns compulsory third party motor insurance and imposes two basic statutory obligations, namely;


  • that it is an offence to use a motor vehicle on a road without insurance or security in respect of third party risks.
  • that it is an offence to cause or permit a person to use a motor vehicle on a road without insurance or security in respect of third party risks.


Interesting points of note.......


The use of a vehicle is wider than merely driving it - generally the presence of a vehicle on the road is sufficient to constitute use.


The definition of a road is wider than would normally be expected  and is defined as " any highway and any other road to which the public have access including bridges over which a road passes ". It is also worth noting that;


  • a road has been held to include pavements and boundary grass verges
  • a car park is held to be a public place and therefore falls within the scope of the Act.

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