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Motor Insurance Database (M.I.D)

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) was developed by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) in in an effort to combat the problem of uninsured driving and contains details of all Motor Policies including;


  • Policyholder
  • Insurer
  • Policy Number
  • Cover Dates
  • Vehicle Details


Generally, all vehicles should be insured and included on the Database although there are exceptions, most notably if the vehicle has a valid SORN.


Generally, the Database will be populated by your Insurer although for certain types of Policy your Insurer may provide you with a password for you to directly access and input vehicle  details onto the Database. You should always seek your Insurers guidance and help to ensure you comply with the guidelines as otherwise you could be fined and have your vehicle impounded.



To find out more, go to  www.mib.org.uk.



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